Video Experiment with the SYP

Disclaimer: I have to admit a flaw.

We live in such a visual world where images and video and interactivity challenge the written word daily. (Although there are some notable written word exceptions such as The House of Leaves.) I had high hopes of creating some fun videos to share all the interesting literary events going on in Oxford, but… well… I’m kind of new to the whole video era. So bear with me as I figure it out over the next series of posts. Thanks!

SYP Event Audience

Eager young publishers

So what am I actually writing about today? It’s a little late in coming, but last week I attended a Society of Young Publishers event in Oxford called ‘Hand Bookbinding and Digital Construction – A Comparison‘. We had 84 in attendance at the conference room at Oxford University Press! The speakers were meant to be George Lossius, CEO of Publishing Technology PLC, and Kevin Day, from Maltby’s the Bookbinders – both Oxford-based.

Unfortunately, Mr Day had to leave, so the discussion was cut short. The SYP is due to reschedule his lecture, so I’ll keep you informed about that. In lieu of having two interviews to conduct post-talk, I managed to hassle some students from the MA Publishing course at Oxford Brookes University in addition to Mr Lossius (I’ll post this interview later)! I apologise for the poor quality of the following film, but don’t rate me too bad. I deal with written words on a typical day…

Thanks goes to the SYP Oxford and my new Brookes friends.

The next SYP event will be a social for all young publishers in Oxford (free drink included) on 4 March. When I know the details, I’ll let you

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press


The Oxford Publishing Society is also holding its annual ‘International Evening‘. This year’s focus is Central and Eastern Europe, this Thursday at 6:30. Tickets are £15 or £18 and sold at the door. I may be there with my camera…


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