What can you do?

I know you’re thinking this site will probably be about the events I attend and my own experiences, but that’s not the point. It should be all-inclusive of everyone working in publishing, mainly in Oxford, or those who just love the city! With that in mind, I could use your help.


books books books

If you know of any upcoming publishing or literary events around the city, please email me with a link or details. I’ll add it to my growing list and begin posting events regularly so you can have a place to find all the publishing events in Oxford with just one click!

It would also be a huge help if you could recommend this blog (or subscribe using the sidebar on left), our Twitter and Facebook to all your friends so we can spread the word together and make this site really happen. It’s supposed to be a resource for you, about Oxford.

I’ll keep covering the events I go to (I’ve got one tonight at Malmaison, Oxford Castle) and the OPuS International Evening is tonight as well, but I’d love your photos and opinions from events you attend!

Also, if you want to write your own blog post about publishing (your experience studying, working or living the publishing life) or something interesting happening in Oxford, then please email me

Don’t forget my email: worldbookcapital@gmail.com



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