It’s World Book Day!

Don’t know what World Book Day is? Where have you been?? It’s all about stories and reading and sharing and learning – it’s all about those wonderful things we call books.

I know a lot of schools around Oxford are celebrating this day everyone should read a little bit! If you can’t find the time to read right now though, why not try out World Book Day’s Story Time Online? Listen to a good story while you cook or clean tonight. Personally, I’m a big fan of Winnie the Pooh, so here you go:

Tales from Winnie-the-Pooh from WorldBookDay’s StoryTimeOnline on Vimeo.

Follow the link to find more videos with stories from Dr. Seuss, Betty Birney, Burchett & Vogler, Katie Davies, Michael Lawrence, Andrew Cope, Philip Reeve, Glenn Murphy, Ali Sparkes, Brianóg Brady Dawson and Chris Priestley.

There are also video interviews with authors and more on the World Book Day website.

I think I’ll have a listen while I prepare my FREE books for World Book Night on Saturday! Who fancies a free book? I’ll tell you which title I’m giving away closer to time (I’ve got 48 copies!)

Tomorrow is also the Oxford SYP Spring Welcome Party complete with a book giveaway, free champagne and literary-themed cocktails! Be sure to come by.

Happy reading!


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