A Photographic Journey of World Book Night


Books in a bag

I hit the streets of Oxford Saturday evening with 48 copies of One Day in my backpack and tote bag. Don’t know what 48 copies of a book looks like? Well, here you go:


48 books!

And here’s me!


Happy World Book Night!

A friend of mine met me near Carfax tower and we began to meander through the crowded city centre towards Jericho and back again, she as photographer, me as gift-giver (thanks Kim!).

First Recipient

First recipient! Look how excited...


A few bike basket surprises (I hope the rain didn't get them!)

house call

I make house calls too.

So a few stationary bicycles and unsuspecting homes received free copies of the book, but I thought a more personal touch was more fitting for World Book Night: ranode strangers, sellers on Cornmarket street, foreign travellers… I had to pop in to G&D’s as well (my favourite lunchtime spot) and give the workers there some freebies.

Who doesn't love a free book?


This guy loves it!

The best reaction by far was from the Oxford Playhouse. They were my last stop and I only had two books left. They jumped out of their seats and I even got a free book! The Spy Who Came in From the Cold by John le Carré.

BEST reaction from the crew at Oxford Playhouse!

So, with an empty bag, what was left to do? Head over to the Waterstone’s World Book Night party of course! Free copies of Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin and a free glass of wine? Yes, please! Thanks Waterstone’s!

Happy Readers

Happy readers!

Free books!

And don’t forget – if you missed all the World Book Night fun but still want to read one or more of the titles chosen for this year’s honour, Waterstone’s has got them on a 3 for 2 deal at the moment. Today is Save Publishing Day, so get thee to your local Waterstone’s and buy a book!

Happy reading!

Send me your own experiences with World Book Night. Were you at the Trafalgar Square launch? Did you go to the Southbank Centre to see Maragret Atwood? (She’s everywhere isn’t she??) Email me and I’ll post your photos!


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