Going to hell?

Dr Faustus

Dr. Faustus in the Norrington Room

Not literally of course. Fiction can take us all sorts of places! Hell is just one option on the paper road of words and can be visited in Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe. Then again, if you don’t have time to read your way there, head over to Blackwell’s Bookshop on Broad Street for Creation Theatre’s spectacular production set in the Norrington Room, the  largest salesfloor for books in all of Europe! Really… you can’t be in hell among so many books.

Creation Theatre just announced the play’s extended running time to 2 April (it was originally planned to close 26 March). So now you really have no excuse! That’s a whole week of extra time to see Faustus!

Check out the show photos Creation Theatre has provided!

“Lustige Gesellen”

“Lustige Gesellen”

On a side note, I was just in Leipzig, Germany for a short trip and found the Mädler Passage and Auerbach’s Cellar, which helped push the story of Dr. Faustus, this one by Goethe, into fame. A few major scenes take place around the cellar and apparently Goethe was a regular.  Today, the murals still exist and two statues stand above the cellar created by Leipzig sculpturer Matthieu Molitor. This one is called “Lustige Gesellen”, translated as Jolly Fellows. No doubt they were, sitting beneath the grand passage imbibing all that German beer…


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