Playing Catch Up – Poem of the Week

MA Publishing 2010

Congratulations 2010 MA Publishers!

The blog has been silent for an entire week now… but no longer! I’ve been away on holiday (in Scotland!) and saw a few literary points of interest around Edinburgh and the Highlands.

I will potentially blog about these later, but for the moment, I want to send out congratulations to the new MA Publishing graduates from Oxford Brookes University! (Graduation was yesterday!)

Now let’s get to the Poem of the Week (which should have been posted last Monday…oops.)

The True Color of the Sea by Barbara Jane Reyes

sages’ gardens, ginger root, and siren
glow of mist, green tongues of light
smoke and portents arousing hungers
magnolia plumed gold moonstone heart
collecting rain in turtle shell hollows
of shoals and shelter, of stones that sing
of coral, of wine, of luminous unnamed

cinnamon groves, veil of monsoon
moonless midnight’s milky stars
the finest gold dust, tinder, mirror
of angels’ tears, of devils’ blood
of cooing doves, a child’s fine bones
of sugarcane, and fistfuls of salt
of silk brocade, of laughter, of waiting

From Diwata, by Barbara Jane Reyes. Copyright © BOA Editions, Ltd., 2010. ‘the true color of the sea’ is reprinted by permission of BOA Editions.

Find out more at the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre.


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