OxTravels Summer Reading


A few weeks ago, the World Book Capital committee and local Oxfordian librarians and reading groups met to brainstorm ideas for the WBC bid. I’ve been meaning to share these ideas with you for a while… and they may wait another week or so.

Instead, I want to draw attention to a new book produced by Oxfam in collaboration with Profile Books and Hay Festival. I’m bringing this up because the reading group coordinator for Readers’ Corner (also on Facebook) brought it to my attention. Plus, it’s Oxford-based and for a good cause!

The book, OxTravels, is a new compilation of short travel stories featuring Paul Theroux, Colin Thubron, Dervla Murphy, Chris Stewart, Victoria Hislop, William Dalrymple and thirty other leading travel writers. In the words of Michael Palin, who introduces the book, “It’s impossible to read their contributions without wanting to go and get the rucksack out.”

The book follows Ox-Tales, which helped raise more than £130,000 for Oxfam’s work.

The eye-catching paperback was featured on Radio 4’s Book of the Week and is available in Oxfam shops and on their website at the special price of £8.99 (RRP is £9.99 in Waterstones, Smiths etc).

It’s the perfect summer read and every copy sold helps raise more money for Oxfam’s work.

Win-win situation if you ask me!

You can read more about the book on the Guardian and Bookseller websites.


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