Celebrating Author ‘Days’

JRR Tolkien

JRR Tolkien

Blackwell’s blog, Broad Conversation, recently published a piece challenging readers to consider which authors should have their own days. The Blackwell’s Twitter feed got a few suggestions:

Spike Milligan, Dan Holloway, Murukami, John Keats.

Of course, there are already some author celebrations in existence.

As Blackwell’s pointed out, there’s ‘Alice’s Day on 4th July, November 12th is Carl Sagan Day, Tolkien Reading Day is March 25th and, of course, World Book Night is run on Shakespeare’s birthday, April 23rd.’

Then we’ve got Bloomsday on 16 June to celebrate James Joyce and the annual Fforde Fiesta celebrating Jasper Fforde in Swindon. I could also make a claim that Independence Day in the US is actually a pretty good celebration of the writers’ of the US Constitution.

So who would be the perfect author to celebrate worldwide?

Well, I assume they should have an international reach, be loved by everyone and have written more than one… or two… books. Also, I’m

JK Rowling

JK Rowling

shocked at the lack of female writers suggested. Although people might fight this, I’d suggest J.K. Rowling for the simple fact that she meets all of the requirements I just laid out… oh, and that she created a whole generation of lifelong readers with Harry Potter. I know some celebrations already happen on his birthday, 31 July.

How about Dr. Seuss? My childhood wouldn’t exist without him.

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut

And now I’ll throw a curveball and say we should have a Kurt Vonnegut Day. Here’s a pretty great article from the New York Observer, published in 2007, about how this could happen. Hopefully it’s not too political for this blog.

Who do you think deserves their own day?

One Response to “Celebrating Author ‘Days’”
  1. Glad you have picked up on this – I recognised at the time of writing the blog that there were no women represented. One for consideration, with Oxford connections, might be Iris Murdoch?

    Hope we can pool suggestions and work on a few more ‘author days’ throughout the year…


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