Poem of the Week

The Poem of the Week is back, reposted from the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre.

Mosquito by Alan Brownjohn

Fancy this in October, the last
Mosquito of summer left buzzing alone,
Its last fling in my room on the sixth floor
Of a tower block hotel; marooned like one
In the seventh decade with only the past
To look forward to, as the one sure
Topic he can buzz round with some old chum.
‘I had a good bloody summer,’ it seems to say,
‘With waiter and bellman, and that prim peach
Who keeps the consultant’s books across the way.’
And for one last sally it swoops and bites my thumb.
So I bite mine back at it, and reach
For a folded newspaper; all the same aware
How much I resemble it, my own small spites
And hopeless needs reduced to the last fling
Of one who doles out charm in sexless bites
To check-out girls and bank clerks as if to swear,
‘Oh man, I buzz and suck like anything!’

‘Mosquito’ is copyright © Alan Brownjohn, 2011. It is reprinted from The Saner Places: Selected Poems by permission of Enitharmon Press.

2 Responses to “Poem of the Week”
  1. caitlin says:

    Its a bit odd but it fine to read and sweet to hear but its a bit weird putting up in novembee!

  2. Thomas Davis says:

    What a great poem! Written by a younger man, I suspect, but filled with the kind of self awareness that takes us all down a notch while, at the same time, linking us to even the irritating mosquito and, by extension, all nature, affirming that we are all part of the complex interactions in our environments.

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