Interview with Kim Pickin

Another great interview – this time with Kim Pickin, Co-Director of the Story Museum in Oxford:

My name is Kim Pickin and I am Co-Directors and one of the founders of the Story Museum project. Books have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have worked in publishing and I have loved reading books to my three sons who are now all nearly grown up and so books are the centre of my existence I would say.

Why do you think Oxford should become the UNESCO World Book Capital in 2014?

Well, I think it deserves it in terms of its heritage. It is a city that is full of books and has always been a centre for publishing, libraries and learning where there have been some fantastic writers and scholars. But it is also a place that needs more people to engage with books because it is a city of two parts. There are some who have very privileged education and some less so and I think the World Book Capital bid would be a great opportunity to do something together which is fun.

If Oxford becomes the UNESCO World Book Capital what will you look forward to the most?

Well, if Oxford becomes World Book Capital then the thing I am rather selfishly looking forward to the most is the opening of the Story Museum which will be the realisation of a long held ambition by many people and by then eleven or twelve years of very hard work.

What is your favourite book and why?

My favourite book is Northern Lights by Philip Pullman which I think particularly chimes with me because in a way of the reasons I love Oxford for – for its characters and its many different layers. And the idea of an alternative Oxford and an alternative University has been very influential in the Story Museum which we hope would be a different kind of Oxford – a sort of embassy from the land of story.

Thank you very much, Kim Pickin!

One Response to “Interview with Kim Pickin”
  1. andreas says:

    I am already looking forward to explore the new museum. Just imagine all the great stories and books Oxford is connected to!

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