Imagination unbound

‘Unbound’ has all sorts of nuances and  can lead the imagination off in all sorts of directions – which is of course partly why we put it into our theme for the year! Our fourth strand looks at taking the book out of its pages and putting it into other media – plays, films, exhibitions, flashmobs, all kinds of weird and wonderful events.

One of the Bodleian Libraries’ contributions to this strand, if Oxford’s bid is successful, will be a major art projection  onto the walls of its buildings. The theme of the projection will be the same as the theme for the year – ‘Imagination Unbound’ – and there’ll be the opportunity to delve into the Bodleian’s collections for source material.

The current World Book Capital, Yerevan, has also launched a celebratory art projection created by Nuformer and  available on YouTube. It gives some idea of what can be done with a specific building and is great fun but is a fairly straightforward narrative of the history of Armenian literature. We intend to honour our theme and go for something with a lot more imagination, and are working with the University’s Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art to achieve this. We have already lined up three artists of international stature to bid for the commission.

Oxford already does crossovers in spades of course and the annual Alice’s Day is a wonderful example of making books come to life. What other commemorative literary ‘Days’ might we have in Oxford? Narnia? Lyra? Brideshead?? Zuleika??? Perhaps better not to go there…!

2 Responses to “Imagination unbound”
  1. serasara says:

    Wonderful! Have you looked into projection mapping? Edinburgh’s UNESCO Trust recently did a project which fused text and architecture in this way (I, lucky duck, worked on it) – perhaps an interesting angle for this project.

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