Who are we?

Hello everyone! Hopefully you know a little bit about the Oxford World Book Capital bid for 2014, but if you don’t, you can find out more here.

This blog is run by three volunteers and interns for Oxford Inspires, the cultural organisation behind the bid. Our job is to bring you all the exciting book-related news and events around Oxfordshire in the form of videos, interviews and writing. We’d like a little help though, so if you know of something happening in the city, send it our way. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


briannaI graduated from Oxford Brookes University with an MA in Publishing in 2010 and I have a special interest in marketing and design. I work in Oxford as a Production Archivist and I love the city’s literary flair although I’m not a native Oxonian or even a Brit, having landed here after a (very long) flight from smack in the middle of the USA. I’m working on this project because Oxford is the obvious choice for UNESCO’s World Book Capital Award, with so many authors and publishers based in one ideal location. We’re all building up the future of communication, whether print or digital, with our ideas, imaginations and words. Personally, I can’t wait for 2014 when the city will explode with book-related events and festivals (if not before).


SarahMFrom the very moment I knew that I was going to Oxford to do an MA in Publishing I was absolutely excited. What a great thing to live in a place like this where every building, every street, every corner is full of history – with the Tolkien manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, the many reminiscences of writers such as C.S. Lewis or the very active current literary and publishing scene situated in and around Oxford. Even better that I get the chance to turn my passion for Oxford’s literary heritage and life into a serious occupation by contribution to this blog and spreading the word about Oxford’s bid to become UNESCO World Book Capital in 2014.



VickySI am currently in my second year of Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. Along with travel, books are my biggest passion; I regret not having the time to read a lot more but am determined, when I can, to continue discovering and enjoying some great fiction – especially now I can share my finds on here! As Publishing is such a competitive industry, I have been trying to gain as much work experience as possible whilst studying in Oxford and last year worked at local literacy agency Felicity Bryan as well as volunteering with the Oxford Literary Festival, both of which I found extremely enjoyable and valuable insights into the publishing world. I am now looking forward to contributing towards such a great cause as the Oxford World Book Capital bid and learning more about a city which boasts such a deep and intriguing literary background.

Help us support the city of Oxford’s bid to become the 2014 UNESCO World Book Capital by sharing this blog with your friends, writing to us, organising events (or just attending them!) and sending any suggestions you may have to the committee. Let’s spread the word about how perfect Oxford really is for this award.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are our own and not those of our employers.
2 Responses to “Who are we?”
  1. Mike Little says:

    I know very little about this bid, but one thing I do know is if Jeopardy uses the Oxford University library to research/define correct responses, this must be a library worth knowing.

  2. Hi Brianna, Sarah and Vicky,
    Would you be interested in doing a blog/post about the Hunting of the Shark (VERY Oxford)? The author would be up for an interview. Likewise he could interview you (he does a show on BBC Radio Oxford) to spread the word?
    Oxford Folio is an Oxford-based start up publisher very much in your remit. Also at ‘Hunting of The Shark’ and ‘oxford folio’ Facebook.

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