Interview with Kim Pickin

Interview with Kim Pickin, Co-Director of the Story Museum

Another great interview – this time with Kim Pickin, Co-Director of the Story Museum in Oxford: My name is Kim Pickin and I am Co-Directors and one of the founders of the Story Museum project. Books have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have worked in publishing and … Continue reading

Interview with Angus Phillips

This is the first of a series of interviews on Oxford’s bid to become UNESCO World Book Capital in 2014 – thank you very much, Angus Phillips, for you time and support! Tell me a bit about yourself and how you are related to books, literature or publishing? My name is Angus Phillips and I … Continue reading

Small Presses, Self-Publishers, and Specials

He’s back! Say hello again to guest blogger and rising star Dan Holloway, author of several novels including the Oxford-set crime novel The Company of Fellows. Dan participated in the Rising Stars panel at the Blackwell bookstore on Broad Street last week. His next event is called Nightmaring Spires and will take place 10 August at the Albion Beatnik Bookshop. … Continue reading

Independent Booksellers Week

Independent Booksellers Week runs from 18-25 June. Get thee to your local shop! You can also follow the IBW on Twitter and Facebook. In honour of the week, I chose to highlight the independent shops I know about in Oxford, beginning with my absolute favourite: The Albion Beatnik. The Albion Beatnik is located in Jericho, … Continue reading

Video Experiment with the SYP

Disclaimer: I have to admit a flaw. We live in such a visual world where images and video and interactivity challenge the written word daily. (Although there are some notable written word exceptions such as The House of Leaves.) I had high hopes of creating some fun videos to share all the interesting literary events … Continue reading

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