A Night at The Story Museum

The Story Museum Windows

Guest blogger Siobhán visited The Story Museum on Wednesday evening for a very special book launch and has decided to contribute to our blog! Siobhán is a book lover, fantasy addict, academic book production guru and Oxford resident. She can be talked into writing something for you over a glass of wine. (It’s true!) On Pembroke Street … Continue reading

Life as a Literary Agent in Oxford

Last year I was lucky enough to get the chance to work at one of Oxford’s most prestigious literary agents, Felicity Bryan. For me this was a dream come true, not only because work experience at such a renowned agency would be a great addition to my CV but because I quite literally got to … Continue reading


We’ve all heard of global charity Oxfam; their determination and persistence in the fight against poverty has resulted in an international organisation that has made a huge difference to many people’s lives across the globe. Not many, however, are aware that Oxfam was actually founded in Oxford (hence the ‘Ox’ prefix) by a group of … Continue reading

The Bodleian Continued…

After visiting the exhibition in my previous post, I decided to take a tour of the library – which, I admit, I had somehow managed to fail to do during my two years here in Oxford until then. This was actually due to thinking it wasn’t open to the general public; an ironic misunderstanding since … Continue reading

The SYP Conference 2011

The following post is cross-posted with the Society of Young Publishers’ online magazine, InDigital, and was written by Annual Conference Chair Aaron O’Dowling-Keane. The Oxford Book Project will be on display and the Oxford World Book Capital team will be exhibiting, so go out and show some support for the WBC and the SYP!  It’s … Continue reading

New Perspectives in Oxford: Two writers join the blog!

If you follow our Facebook and Twitter page, you’ll have noticed the updates about this blog getting new writers! Oxford Inspires, the cultural organisation behind the bid, has hired two new interns to work on the blog and make it way better than what I was doing alone. We met last week to discuss practicalities and … Continue reading

Events: This week and in the future

Ten long days of silence from me… it’s a busy time at work and there’s some great events happening all over Oxford which have kept me away from my desk and out in the world instead. Here’s some more that are coming up: Strengthening Your Digital Strategy: Case Studies in Social Media, Wednesday, 28 September, … Continue reading

The Oxford Book Project

Recently, the Oxford Society of Young Publishers held an all-day event to support our World Book Capital bid. The event focused on providing design skills to people working in publishing through the creation of an eBook titled The Oxford Book Project. The completed eBook features chapters dedicated to the literary scene in Oxford from author … Continue reading

International Literacy Day

Literacy is often taken for granted by people around the world. Sitting in my office, I look around at all of my colleagues: well-educated, hard-working, dedicated and literate. We publish books that contain a wealth of knowledge and with that knowledge, power – not for us, the publisher, but for the reader, the student, the teacher, … Continue reading

Edinburgh Bound

You’ll have to forgive my lack of posts this week and early next as I’m heading to Edinburgh for a spontaneous bank holiday trip! I’m hoping to see some of the Fringe Festival shows, already have a ticket for the Military Tattoo (why not?), and I’m eyeing some great events from the Edinburgh Book Festival. … Continue reading

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