One of Oxford’s greatest bookstores is undoubtedly Blackwell’s, whose name has long been synonymous with the city and its unrivalled academia. Whilst the chain now owns flagship shops in Cambridge, London Charing Cross Road and Edinburgh South Bridge, it was Oxford’s Broad Street in which Benjamin Henry Blackwell opened his first ever store in January 1879. In those … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone and a happy new year! You may not remember but I was supposed to be the second of two new bloggers last November, alongside Sarah (you can see my profile a few posts down!) However, too many other commitments meant I couldn’t devote sufficient time to the blog and so I was kindly … Continue reading

What can you do?

I know you’re thinking this site will probably be about the events I attend and my own experiences, but that’s not the point. It should be all-inclusive of everyone working in publishing, mainly in Oxford, or those who just love the city! With that in mind, I could use your help. If you know of … Continue reading

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