Oxford World Book Capital 2014

Hello again Oxford World Bookers, sorry for such a long absence – holidays and work experience following that have meant no time whatsoever to devote to the blog – but I’m pleased to say I’m back again and ready to do some last-minute posts on why Oxford deserves to win before UNESCO’s decision in early … Continue reading

A treasure shared

If you walk along Broad Street in Oxford at present you’ll come across an A-to-Z of the Bodleian’s treasures on the hoardings shrouding the New Bodleian while it undergoes its transformation. L is for Le Carré, whose characters deal in secret knowledge. (Artwork Sophie Durand) But knowledge is a funny thing. If I share my … Continue reading

Government backs Oxford’s Bid to be UNESCO World Book Capital!

It was recently announced that Culture Minister Ed Vaizey MP has confirmed the government’s backing for the bid – which is great news for us and will hopefully help to drum up some much-needed support. Mr Vaizey said: ‘It is entirely appropriate that a city with such long-standing connections with books, literacy and learning should … Continue reading

The Bodleian Continued…

After visiting the exhibition in my previous post, I decided to take a tour of the library – which, I admit, I had somehow managed to fail to do during my two years here in Oxford until then. This was actually due to thinking it wasn’t open to the general public; an ironic misunderstanding since … Continue reading

Treasures of the Bodleian

Aside from the usual eating twice my weight in turkey and mince pies and watching too much rubbishy TV, a far less guilty pleasure I indulged in this Christmas holidays was a trip to the Bodleian Library to see an exhibition called ‘Treasures of the Bodleian;’ a fascinating insight into the world of books, through … Continue reading

Blog Update and News

This is embarrassing. I’m sure if you follow this blog at all or follow it on Facebook or Twitter, you noticed the complete lack of noise over the past two weeks. I’ve been a bit busy, to say the least, and with a trip to Paris and a lot of things happening with The Society … Continue reading

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