Christ Church

Well, that’s it; after ten days of world-class speakers, Michelin-starred banquets and endless exciting literary debuts to mark the start of summer, the Oxford Literary Festival has finally closed its doors for another year. Some of the city’s most famous landmarks played host to over 300 authors and public figures, with most days blessed with … Continue reading

Did you know that…

Oxford is a literary city through and through – nobody could ever doubt that. But did you know that… … Oxford is the city with the most published authors per square mile? … Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is the 3rd bestselling novel in the world with over 150 million copies sold; The Hobbit … Continue reading

Celebrating Author ‘Days’

Blackwell’s blog, Broad Conversation, recently published a piece challenging readers to consider which authors should have their own days. The Blackwell’s Twitter feed got a few suggestions: Spike Milligan, Dan Holloway, Murukami, John Keats. Of course, there are already some author celebrations in existence. As Blackwell’s pointed out, there’s ‘Alice’s Day on 4th July, November 12th is Carl … Continue reading

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