Oxford World Book Capital 2014

Hello again Oxford World Bookers, sorry for such a long absence – holidays and work experience following that have meant no time whatsoever to devote to the blog – but I’m pleased to say I’m back again and ready to do some last-minute posts on why Oxford deserves to win before UNESCO’s decision in early … Continue reading

The Society of Young Publishers

Another testament to England’s South East as a major centre for books and literature is this fantastic organisation, which supports people looking to succeed in the competitive world of publishing. Whilst its largest branch is in London, the Oxford division is hot on its heels due to being both a major centre for publishing and … Continue reading

Poem of the Week

The One Who Writes by Nikola Madzirov You write. About the things that already exist. And they say you fantasize. You keep quiet. Like the sunken nets of poachers. Like an angel who knows what the night may bring. And you travel. You forget, so that you can come back. You write and you don’t … Continue reading

Poem of the Week

The Poem of the Week is back, reposted from the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre. From Smoke by Marosa di Giorgio, translated by Susan Briante In order to revive the orange age, you must assemble all of the witnesses, all those who suffered, those who laughed and even the youngest and those who were furthest away. You must rekindle … Continue reading

Poem of the Week

River is the Plural of Rain by Rebecca Gethin Each of us is water    Carole Satyamurti From a mouth of soil among sedge and willow water calls out on its journey to all its other selves: follow follow us from the shallows into the deep. Below the surface currents strain their sinews spilling white foam … Continue reading

Poem of the Week

The Poem of the Week is back, reposted from the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre. Mosquito by Alan Brownjohn Fancy this in October, the last Mosquito of summer left buzzing alone, Its last fling in my room on the sixth floor Of a tower block hotel; marooned like one In the seventh decade with only the past To look … Continue reading

The SYP Conference 2011

The following post is cross-posted with the Society of Young Publishers’ online magazine, InDigital, and was written by Annual Conference Chair Aaron O’Dowling-Keane. The Oxford Book Project will be on display and the Oxford World Book Capital team will be exhibiting, so go out and show some support for the WBC and the SYP!  It’s … Continue reading

Introducing the 2011 SYP Oxford Committee

This post is cross-posted from InDigital, the online magazine for the Society of Young Publishers. If you’d like to get involved with the SYP, join our Facebook groups (Oxford and UK). Anyone can join, regardless of age! Who are the people behind the SYP? Here are some facts about the book-lovers who make up this … Continue reading

Poem of the Week

Who’s playing by Amarjit Chandan for Renata Fontenla who’s playing the symphony of quivering shadows the water drips drop by drop leaves imprints on stones the sun rises and small pieces of darkness are spread on the white wall of your house shadows of the olive tree of the lamp post and of the bird … Continue reading

Poem of the Week

              What Song is Singing in the Silence of the Snow by Sean Thomas Dougherty My Russian neighbors slumber, they lisp and sigh, they snore. They turn over towards what door. Open or closed, in the cathedral that is coughing, in the mine where they dig the ore that shines. … Continue reading

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