Publishers in Oxford

It is easy to see why Oxford is the second largest hotspot for publishers after London: only an hour away from the capital, with a literary and academic background that is hard to rival, the city has countless publishers of all kinds, perhaps the most renowned being that of its famous university ‘Oxford University Press’ … Continue reading

An imaginative way with words

There’s been lots of media interest today in children’s language – their inventive storytelling, familiarity with technology-related terms, and thirst for unusual words. It’s been sparked by OUP’s analysis of more than 74,000 stories written by children for BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words competition 2012. It just goes to show how vibrant language is, and how fascinated … Continue reading

Bringing reading to life

It’s brilliant to see children meet their favourite author or illustrator: it creates such a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and of course they come up with some great questions!   You can immediately tell that it helps reading come alive for them. OUP children’s authors and illustrators are taking part in a series of events as part of the … Continue reading

The Oxford Book Project

Recently, the Oxford Society of Young Publishers held an all-day event to support our World Book Capital bid. The event focused on providing design skills to people working in publishing through the creation of an eBook titled The Oxford Book Project. The completed eBook features chapters dedicated to the literary scene in Oxford from author … Continue reading

Edinburgh Bound

You’ll have to forgive my lack of posts this week and early next as I’m heading to Edinburgh for a spontaneous bank holiday trip! I’m hoping to see some of the Fringe Festival shows, already have a ticket for the Military Tattoo (why not?), and I’m eyeing some great events from the Edinburgh Book Festival. … Continue reading

Introducing the 2011 SYP Oxford Committee

This post is cross-posted from InDigital, the online magazine for the Society of Young Publishers. If you’d like to get involved with the SYP, join our Facebook groups (Oxford and UK). Anyone can join, regardless of age! Who are the people behind the SYP? Here are some facts about the book-lovers who make up this … Continue reading

The History of English in 10 Minutes

Presenting condensed history works well on so many levels. It’s interesting, it helps you retain knowledge and it’s just plain entertaining in most cases. As long as the facts are right and it’s done well, people of all ages tend to listen – and why not? Doesn’t everyone want more impressive dinnertime conversation? Well, I … Continue reading

Independent Booksellers Week

Independent Booksellers Week runs from 18-25 June. Get thee to your local shop! You can also follow the IBW on Twitter and Facebook. In honour of the week, I chose to highlight the independent shops I know about in Oxford, beginning with my absolute favourite: The Albion Beatnik. The Albion Beatnik is located in Jericho, … Continue reading

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