Publishers in Oxford

It is easy to see why Oxford is the second largest hotspot for publishers after London: only an hour away from the capital, with a literary and academic background that is hard to rival, the city has countless publishers of all kinds, perhaps the most renowned being that of its famous university ‘Oxford University Press’ … Continue reading


One of Oxford’s greatest bookstores is undoubtedly Blackwell’s, whose name has long been synonymous with the city and its unrivalled academia. Whilst the chain now owns flagship shops in Cambridge, London Charing Cross Road and Edinburgh South Bridge, it was Oxford’s Broad Street in which Benjamin Henry Blackwell opened his first ever store in January 1879. In those … Continue reading

Oxford World Book Capital 2014

Hello again Oxford World Bookers, sorry for such a long absence – holidays and work experience following that have meant no time whatsoever to devote to the blog – but I’m pleased to say I’m back again and ready to do some last-minute posts on why Oxford deserves to win before UNESCO’s decision in early … Continue reading

Oxford Fiction – A Round Up!

Oxford English Dictionary

With the bid decision drawing close, I thought a last post to round up some great Oxford fiction would be in order as I go on holiday tomorrow for a fortnight: when I return, there won’t be long left until the verdict so some supporting information about the city in general and why we deserve … Continue reading

Interview with Kim Pickin

Interview with Kim Pickin, Co-Director of the Story Museum

Another great interview – this time with Kim Pickin, Co-Director of the Story Museum in Oxford: My name is Kim Pickin and I am Co-Directors and one of the founders of the Story Museum project. Books have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have worked in publishing and … Continue reading

Interview with Angus Phillips

This is the first of a series of interviews on Oxford’s bid to become UNESCO World Book Capital in 2014 – thank you very much, Angus Phillips, for you time and support! Tell me a bit about yourself and how you are related to books, literature or publishing? My name is Angus Phillips and I … Continue reading

Biblioburro or The Library Donkey

Growing up with books and the magical stories within them may be something we take for granted but, for many children, this is not the case – especially in countries such as Columbia, a state that suffers from poverty and political instability and is particularly famous for its extensive drug trade. According to UNESCO, more … Continue reading

International Literacy Day

Literacy is often taken for granted by people around the world. Sitting in my office, I look around at all of my colleagues: well-educated, hard-working, dedicated and literate. We publish books that contain a wealth of knowledge and with that knowledge, power – not for us, the publisher, but for the reader, the student, the teacher, … Continue reading

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